Incentive programmes

Sales incentive programmes motivate salespeople to achieve sales goals over a period of time. These are primarily used to drive sales, reduce sales costs, increase profitability, develop new territories and enhance margins. Sales incentive programs have the clearest connection directly to outcomes.

Employee incentive programmes are designed to increase overall employee performance. These programmes have the ability to reduce turnover, boost morale and loyalty, improve employee wellness, increase retention and drive daily employee performance.

Consumer incentive programmes target the customers and consumers of an organisation. Consumer programs are becoming more widely used as more companies realise that existing customers cost less to reach, cost less to sell, are less vulnerable to attacks from the competition and buy more over the long term.

Dealer incentive programmes improve performance for dealer and channel resellers using sales incentive programs. These programmes help companies capture market share, launch new products, reduce cost of sales, increase product adoption and ultimately drive sales.