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Employee Safety Programs

Work Safety Programs which offer incentives for safe work practices and incident free work places may offer many benefits for both staff and organisations alike. Coles Group & Myer gift cards can provide motivation for employees by incentivising them to adhere to best practice safety procedures through a gift card which can be used in over 2,900 stores nationally. 

If you are looking for ways to recognise and reward staff through a bonus or incentive for maintaining a safe and healthy work place and reducing work related injuries, try Coles Group and Myer Gift Cards. 

Available in multiple designs and any denomination up to $4,999 with no minimum order quantity     

     • Encourage people to follow health and safety procedures  

     • Reward outstanding health and safety performance  

     • Reward those who create a safe and proactive culture on site 

     • Encourage participation in safety surveys and training     

     • Reward and reinforce specific safe behaviours     

     • On the spot prizes for outstanding safety procedures

     • Monthly team recognition  

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